Do I need to undergo account verification to trade and withdraw?
How can I verify my account?
What do I need to start trading?
How can I make a deposit or withdrawal?

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Quick Overview

Here comes your Xena Exchange products navigation guide. Explore the trading products and features in just a few minutes.

Beginner’s Guide

Ready to start trading at Xena Exchange? This step-by-step guide to trading describes the sign-up process, how to read trading charts, and the ease of withdrawing.

Xena Products

Take a closer look at the advanced trading products and learn how to work with the terminal, portfolio, Xena Market Barometer, and other tools.

Contract Trading

Learn everything about Xena Contracts, their features, and the XBTUSD, ETHUSD trading process with some very helpful tips.

Corporate Accounts

In this section, we lay down the benefits of opening a corporate account with Xena Exchange and how to easily verify your account.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Here is a detailed guide on how to make deposits and withdrawal earnings from Xena Exchange, a list of the supported currencies, information on fiat gates and internal transfers, and more.


Xena Exchange allows clients to keep their collateral within the certified off-exchange custody with zero credit risk on the exchange and our Decentralized accounts (dAccs) allow control funds directly in a secure.


We put significant emphasis on providing our customers with ultimate security by both developing new products, such as dAccs, and implementing appropriate security measures.


Xena API allows you to automate your trading strategies. There are three different API endpoints: WS Market Data API, WS Trading API and REST Trading API.

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