Supported Cryptocurrencies

Actual Supported Cryptocurrencies


Number of confirmations - The number of blockchain confirmations required for your transaction to be deposited into your account

Minimum deposit amount - Any transactions with amounts smaller than the minimum deposit will be ignored

Cryptocurrency Denominations

Certain cryptocurrencies offer very small denominations so that tokens can be broken down. For example, Ether's fractional part is 18 digits. However, given the current market situation, denominations this small are excessive (e.g., 1 wei costs less than one trillionth of 1 US cent).

Therefore, all calculations on Xena Exchange use the smallest denomination defined in the table above. For instance, if the calculated payment of a trade is 12345.678 USDT, it will be rounded to 12345.68 USDT.

Please note that any digits of incoming transactions smaller than the denomination will be ignored. If you send 0.000011 ETH to your account, we will only be able to deposit 0.00001 ETH.