Your portfolio

The top of the page presents information about your account:

The total value of your portfolio and the portfolio distribution donut chart show the total value of the cryptocurrencies you hold in Bitcoin or USDT. To switch base currencies, use the "Show relative to" button:

The value of assets is calculated by the last market price of the cryptocurrency. If there is no direct trading pair (for example, when showing the value of BCH in USDT), the conversion happens through BTC: If the last price of BCH/BTC is 0.06837 and BTC/USDT is 6,660, the rate between BCH and USDT can be calculated as the product of these figures (0.06837 * 6,660 = 455 USDT per BCH).

You can read about unrealized PL and yield calculation here.

List of cryptocurrencies

The table shows the list of all cryptocurrencies traded on Xena Exchange, excluding your selected base currency ("Show relative to"). It allows you to compare the price action of different currencies on one page and gives information about your position in a given cryptocurrency.

  • Balance is your balance in that cryptocurrency. Note that this is your settled balance, not your available balance (it doesn't include holds for limit orders).
  • The Price change values and charts and the Price column show the dynamics of the cost of cryptocurrency in your selected base currency (BTC or USDT). If there is no direct trading pair between the cryptocurrency and your base currency, a cross-rate through BTC is used (see the example above).
  • If you hold cryptocurrency, Open Price will show the weighted average price of your purchases of that currency. Read more about positions.
  • PNL shows the unrealized P&L (i.e.,the approximate value of the gain or loss you'd realize if you were to sell all that currency at the market price right now). Keep in mind that it is only an indicative value, as it doesn't account for changes in the market situation, execution slippage, or commissions.

Trend power

Quickly generate new trading ideas using our signals made with powerful technical indicators.

The trend power uses three indicators:

IndicatorInputsUptrend signalDowntrend signal
Commodity Channel Index
  • Overbought threshold = 100
  • Oversold threshold = -100 
CCI < Oversold threshold CCI > Overbought threshold
Exponential Moving Average
  • Period = 9
  • Alpha = 0.2
EMA < Last PriceEMA > Last Price 
Relative Strength Index
  • N = 14
  • Overbought threshold = 0.7
  • Oversold threshold = 0.3
RSI < Oversold thresholdRSI > Overbought threshold

All indicators are calculated in five different timeframes: 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, and 1 day.

The resulting trend power is calculated as the difference between the number of buy and sell signals over the total number of indicators:


Disclaimer: Any signals and indicators presented on the platform, including trend power signals, are based on technical analyses and are predefined algorithms that use the history of prices, the state of the order book, and other reference information as defined. These tools should not be used without a thorough market analysis. No tools can guarantee future profits or predict the movement of markets with absolute precision. The results of trend power algorithms do not constitute investment advice. You are solely responsible for the trading and investment decisions you make.

Fast trading

You can buy or sell cryptocurrencies directly from the investments page. Click "Buy" or "Sell" to display the Fast Trading dialog box:

  • The chart on the left shows the current state of the order book, updated in real time, so you can assess the impact of your order on liquidity.
  • The price displayed on the chart and the "Expected price" show the expected weighted-average price of your order if executed, taking the current liquidity and state of the order book into account. The payment includes all trading fees. Note that the real commission and payment may slightly differ, since market conditions are likely to change by the time your order reaches the exchange.
  • Balance shows your available balance in both currencies of the currency pair.
  • When you click "Buy" or "Sell", your market order will be sent, and you will be notified about the results of its execution immediately.