Transferring Ripple (XRP)

WARNING:  We only accept transactions with the tfFullyCanonicalSig flag, so before any transaction, make sure that your XRP wallet supports this flag. Almost all wallets enable tfFullyCanonicalSig by default. The tfFullyCanonicalSig flag is not automatically enabled if Flags is explicitly specified, nor is it automatically enabled when using the sign_for method to add a signature to a multi-signature transaction.

To transfer XRP to your exchange account, you need to know both your XRP address and tag.

Open your account or click “Deposit/Withdraw.”

Select “XRP” from the currency list and click “Deposit.”

WARNING: You need both an address and tag to deposit Ripple. Transactions sent to Xena Exchange without an address and tag will not be processed or deposited to your account, and we will not be able to refund your deposit.

Log in to any convenient Ripple Wallet and make a transaction. Make sure you specify the right address and tag – we cannot retrieve or undo incorrect transactions.

Your XRP will be credited to your account after 10 confirmations, which can take some time.