How to create and submit orders

The Order Entry area allows users to create trading orders with different settings, such as order quantity, price, side, order type and then submit the order to the market. Users can easily submit order details аrom the Order Entry area by clicking the appropriate action button. There are several steps to creating and submitting orders on the market:

1. Make sure you have already downloaded the desktop terminal Xena Pro and correctly installed it as described here

2. After launching and connecting the application, you will see the "Order entry" area at the bottom right corner, if you have default workspace settings

 You can also open it using the "OE" button at the top menu and close to the search bar

3. In the "Order entry" area, you should choose the Symbol you wish to trade  (e.g. XGRAM)

4. If you have several accounts (spot and margin both), you have to choose one of them in the drop-down list.

5. Then you need to select the "Buy" or "Sell" button and enter the amount of your position in the "Quantity" input field

6.  There are 3 Order types (Market, Limit and Stop) and you can select one of them from the drop-down list as shown below

  • The market order is a request to buy or sell an asset at the current market price.

  • A limit order is a request to buy or sell an asset at the price specified by the user.

  • Stop orders are pending orders that are automatically converted and executed as market orders once the last trade price on the market reaches the stop price.

You can also assign either the FOK (Fill or Kill) or IOC (Immediate or Cancel) execution type for your order:

  • FOK (Fill or Kill) orders are executed immediately. If the order cannot be filled completely, it is not filled at all and cancelled.

  • IOC (Immediate or Cancel) orders are executed immediately. The unfilled portion of the order is automatically canceled.

More details about types of Orders and executions can be found here

7. Every Order from margin accaunt allows you to choose additional sections "Stop loss" to limit loses or/and "Take profit" to fixate profit. In order to make it you must fill checkbox and inscribe the price into input field accordingly as shown below. More details about stop loss and take profit can be found here

8. Then it’s necessary to push the "Place Order" button in the lower right-hand corner

And then click "Yes" inside the pop-up window that will appear

9. If the procedure was done correctly, a notification will appear and you will be able to see the details of your order on the terminal in the "Working orders" sub-menu.