Manage your workspace

With Xena Desktop Pro, you can manage your workspace as you wish.

1. One simple action is to lock your trading. This option should be activated when you leave the workspace because it protects you from random actions that lead to making incorrect orders.

2. There is also an advanced customization menu. To access it, you just need to click on the template button on the top panel of the desktop app:

3.  From there, you can lock all your workspaces and protect them from any random actions that might change your charts, menus, and button positions:

4. You can edit the name of the current workspace b clicking on the "Rename..." button.

5. You can create a new workspace by clicking on "Create new":

Then you'll see a window with three workspace templates:

1) Blank

2) Charts 2x2

3) Default


You need to name your template and choose its type.

Blank  is an empty workspace template that you can fill with whatever windows you want.

Chart 2x2 is a windowed workspace with four chart windows with BTC/USDT at different time metrics: 1 min, 5 min, 15 min, and 1 hour.

Default is a full-screen workspace template with an interface very similar to that of the web terminal standard variant: 1 chart, cryptocurrency rates, etc.

6. In addition to creating certain templates, you can also change any element after creating it: unbind it from others, rename it, duplicate it, change the headline color, and so on. It depends on the type of element: Each one has its own customization options.

7. After you finish all the customization actions, they will automatically be saved in your current template. Be careful, because you won’t be able to undo these changes.

8. You can delete workspace templates. Just click on the template button and choose the trash can icon next to the workspace name.

If you want to make trading more convinient you should read our advanced charts customisation guide.