What is Xena Exchange?


About Xena Exchange

Xena Exchange is a comprehensive environment for individual traders and financial institutions. It provides maximum security by segregating funds and offers advanced analytics and trading tools. 

In striving to create a well-balanced trading environment, we have developed institution level products which have solved typical trading problems by:

  • Launching unique crypto-settled derivative contracts and increasing liquidity

  • Offering security solutions based on the segregation of customer funds to minimize all counterparty risk

  • Developing complex analytical tools which aggregate market data into easy to interpret formats.

  • Creating fast portfolio management instruments and unique trading indicators.


By now, we have released:

There are two assets to trade on the spot market: BTC and ETH — and three derivative contracts: XBTUSD, ETHUSD and XGRAM.

Development plans

In the near future we plan to release:

  • New contracts

    • ETHUSD

    • XRPUSD

    • BTCMNG (BTC mining difficulty)

    • BTCVAR (BTC variance)

  • New charts to Xena Market Barometer 

  • Xena dAccs — decentralized accounts which reduces counterparty risk

  • Fiat gate

  • Prime Brokerage

  • Darkpool

 Long-term plans: 

  • Futures market (in one month)

  • Options market

  • Fixed-income market


Xena Exchange has 40+ employees with a wealth of experience including JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Royal Bank of Scotland, Moscow Exchange, Ernst & Young, Parity Technologies, Waves, OKEX, Kaspersky Labs and more.

The company was founded by previous employees of well-known investment banks and technology companies such as J.P. Morgan, ING, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Russian Stock Exchange, Kaspersky Labs, and more. The Xena Exchange team has significant industry experience, including combined totals of 45 years of FICC, equities and derivatives trading; 25 years of risk management; 110 years of software development; and 35 years of finance-related institutional security in both DevOps and cryptography.