Contract Trading



Xena Contracts are high-leveraged derivative instruments traded on the Xena Exchange. The main idea behind contract trading is to benefit from price changes without actually owning the asset. 

Currently, the following contracts are traded on Xena Exchange:

XGRAM is a leveraged derivative instrument. As the Telegram TON tokens GRAM are not yet listed on spot exchanges, the price for the contract is determined according to the price discovery process. The GRAM contract launch opened the doors for investors who failed to purchase GRAM during the ICO to profit off of potential rate hikes. At the same time, current GRAM holders are able to hedge their investments against possible exchange-rate drops.

To trade on Xena Exchange you need to:

  1. Register at Xena Exchange and verify your account

  2. Create a margin account

  3. Make a deposit in BTC to your margin account or make an internal transfer from your spot account

  4. Start trading!

Key advantages

For professional traders, we’ve developed Xena Contracts — derivative instruments with up to 100x leverage. They are designed to protect traders from market manipulation and provide access to higher returns. 

The key advantages of Xena Listed Perpetuals:

  • Unique derivative contracts built, making Xena a new hub of liquidity

  • High leverage of up to x100

  • Built-in manipulation protection mechanisms

  • 100% order delivery

  • Advanced order types

  • Low fees and high rebates (taker fees from 0.07%, maker rebates up to 0.025%); for key customers we provide special terms on request

  • Xena Perpetuals portfolio management tools make it easy to assess market risks of your positions and manage them directly

  • Corporate accounts

  • Fiat gate (card and wire payments)

Contract portfolio

A Xena portfolio presents the outline of a trader’s performance, provides data on open positions and also shows recent market movements. Basically, it lets the trader scan the market and manage their assets in one, easy to manage place.

Contract portfolio provides the following data on the trader’s portfolio and state of the market:

  • The net position volume and its effective leverage

  • Remaining collateral — how much idle money there is on the account 

  • Total PnL of all positions by instrument

  • Previous month’s yield

  • Daily and monthly asset price changes

  • Signals based on trend power indicators (CCI, EMA, RSI) in five different time frames

Fiat gate

Xena Exchange customers have access to transactional accounts and can deposit or withdraw fiat money from the Xena Exchange. 

After Xena Exchange clients complete the KYC procedure (taking approx. 7 mins for individuals provided scans are fully legible), IBAN accounts are then created for clients.