Xena Exchange is a comprehensive environment for individual traders and financial institutions. It provides maximum security by segregating funds while offering advanced analytics and trading tools. 

In striving to create a well-balanced trading environment, we have developed institutional-level products that solve typical trading problems by:

  • Launching unique, crypto-settled derivative contracts and increasing liquidity

  • Offering security solutions based on the segregation of customer funds, thereby minimizing all counterparty risk

  • Developing complex analytical tools that aggregate market data into easy-to-interpret graphs.

  • Creating fast portfolio management instruments and unique trading indicators.

Development plans

In the near future, we plan to release:

  • New contracts and futures

  • A fiat gate

  • Prime Brokerage

  • Darkpool

 Long-term plans: 

  • Options Market

  • Fixed-Income market


Xena Exchange has 40+ employees with a wealth of experience, including at JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Royal Bank of Scotland, Moscow Exchange, Ernst & Young, Parity Technologies, Waves, OKEx and Kaspersky Labs.