We offer the most popular trading pairs with a variety of advanced trading tools. Currently, the following pairs are traded on Xena Exchange:

To trade on Xena Exchange, you need to:

  1. Sign up at Xena Exchange

  2. Make a deposit to your spot account in any of the listed currencies 

  3. Start trading!

Key advantages

Xena Exchange offers the most popular trading pairs and advanced instruments for active traders. Traders also get to benefit from our relatively low fees. 

  • Some of the lowest fees on the market (taker fees from 0.05%, maker fees from 0%)

  • Xena spot portfolio management tools that allow traders to manage positions in one click and assess their real-time PnL

  • Advanced order types

  • Corporate accounts

  • Fiat gate (card and wire payments)

Spot portfolio

A Xena portfolio presents the overview of a trader’s performance, provides data on open positions, and also shows recent market movements. Basically, it lets the trader scan the market and manage their assets from a single place.

The spot portfolio provides the following data on the trader’s portfolio and the state of the market:

  • The volume and value of the trader’s positions in USDT or BTC

  • The current Profit and Loss status of all positions by instrument

  • The previous month’s yield

  • The daily and monthly asset price changes

  • Signals based on trend power indicators (CCI, EMA, RSI) in five different time frames

For more information about the spot portfolio, go here.

Fiat gate

Xena Exchange customers have access to transactional accounts and can deposit or withdraw fiat money from Xena Exchange. 

After Xena Exchange clients complete the mandatory verification procedure (which takes approximately one to two minutes for individuals, provided the scans are fully legible), they can buy cryptocurrency with their credit card.