Spot accounts can be used to trade and exchange cryptocurrencies with other clients. A spot account can be used to keep and trade any cryptocurrency among those supported by Xena Exchange. 

Spot accounts are created automatically for each Xena Exchange client after they sign up. To start trading from this account, the client needs to make a deposit and proceed to the terminal.

Margin accounts are created to trade leveraged Xena Contracts instruments. Margin accounts are denominated in BTC, and you can deposit and withdraw only in BTC.

To create a margin account, visit the account page and choose the add new account tab.

You can open up to five (5) margin accounts that will be tracked independently. Use multiple accounts if you engage different trading strategies and do not want them to interfere with each other.

Before trading Xena Contracts, we recommend you take a closer look at the process of leverage trading and assess the risks involved.