There are two possible ways to trade on Xena Exchange:

We have detailed guide on how to trade on Xena Exchange and make the most of its features:

Xena Exchange Contract trading allows you to buy or sell, depending on your predictions regarding price movements. When trading contracts, you do not own the underlying assets (such as BTC), but you are exposed to their price movements. Learn more about contract trading and its key features here.

The key features for Xena Exchange traders

Whether you have decided to trade on the spot or contract engine, there are several useful features you can use to improve your trading performance and reduce risks:

  • The portfolio lets you track your performance, see your current floating profits and losses for each cryptocurrency held in your account, and keep track of your long-term trading results using the yield chart.

  • Advanced order types, including trailing stop loss and attempt zero loss, help traders minimize losses and make the most of their trading strategies. Explore the order types available in the Xena Exchange here.

Some helpful materials for beginning traders

On our blog, we have stories addressed to both professional traders and those who are new to cryptocurrency trading. In this section, you can find several articles that are helpful for beginners. Enjoy!