The contract portfolio is available at the top of the terminal through the Perpetuals button. It presents an overview of your performance, provides data on your open positions, and also shows recent market movements. Basically, it lets you scan the market and manage your assets in one easy-to-manage place.

The contract portfolio provides the following data on your portfolio and the state of the market:

  • The net position volume and its effective leverage

  • Remaining collateral — how much idle money there is on the account 

  • Total PnL of all positions by instrument

  • Previous month’s yield

  • Daily and monthly asset price changes

  • Signals based on trend power indicators (CCI, EMA, RSI) in five different time frames

Contract portfolio differences (vs. spot portfolio)

The perpetual contract pie diagram displays the net position volume and its effective leverage. Additionally, it shows how much idle money the trader has on the account  (i.e., remaining collateral). The bigger the remaining collateral is, the lower the risks are. When the collateral decreases to zero, the account undergoes liquidation. A bigger sector of a given instrument means higher exposure to the price fluctuations of that instrument and, consequently, higher risks.

Otherwise, the spot and contract portfolios are quite similar. So, to have a closer look at the contract list, trend power, and other features, proceed to the section on the spot portfolio.