Corporate accounts are designed for hedge or venture funds, asset management companies, banks, brokers, and any other business that is associated with trading or investing. 

Xena Exchange provides a comprehensive trading environment with state-of-the-art security, advanced analytics, and trading tools. As former trading professionals, we know how crucial trading convenience and a top-tier service is. Thus, we offer around-the-clock assistance and have implemented leading security and efficiency measures for corporate clients to buy, sell, and trade derivative contracts. 

Why do corporate clients choose Xena Exchange?

In the field of trading, Xena Exchange offers:

  • Highly in-demand trading instruments (e.g., Bitcoin and Ethereum perpetual contracts and futures), as well as unique derivative contracts (e.g., Bitcoin variance futures)

  • High-level liquidity

  • Commissions and rebates that are soundly more rewarding than competitors’ 

Furthermore, we have advanced trading services:

  • Decentralized accounts (dAccs) that offer unparalleled security

  • Flexible fees and credit line options

  • Co-location services in a tier-4 data center in Luxembourg

  • 24/7 customer and technical support

  • API (FIX/ WebSocket)

Last but not least, we offer fast onboarding:

  • One-step verification: no initial accounts needed to open a corporate account.

  • Average account verification time: 3 days

  • Live chat available during the verification process

  • Dedicated account management

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