To make a deposit to your account, you first need to know the deposit address.

  1. Sign in to your Xena account.
  2. Click on the Deposit/Withdraw button in the top-right corner of the terminal or go to the Balance page.
  3. The dialog box that appears will contain your unique deposit address for the chosen cryptocurrency and other information such as the recommended blockchain transaction fee and the number of confirmations required for your deposit to be processed.

    To make a deposit, you need to copy and paste the unique address for the chosen cryptocurrency to your cryptocurrency wallet and specify the sum.
  4. If you have a mobile wallet and want to make a deposit using a QR code scan it with your smartphone. After that, specify the sum in your wallet and submit the transfer.
  5. Once your transaction enters the blockchain, you will be able to track it in the Balance Operations History page.
  6. Before your deposit can be made, you will need to wait for a certain number of confirmations of your transaction.
  7. Once the required number of confirmations is reached, the transaction amount is deposited to your Xena account.

Deposit fees

We do not charge any deposit fees, but you will have to pay blockchain transaction fees when processing your transaction. The fees depend on the type of cryptocurrency you are depositing.

Important notes before making a deposit

  • Bitcoin and its forks (such as Litecoin) recommend that you use a new address for each transaction. Once we receive a deposit to your unique address, we will mark it as used. To send a new deposit, open the Deposit dialog box and get a new address. We can also send deposits to used addresses, but this process may not be automatic and may require you to open a support ticket.

  • We use a globally distributed set of nodes to observe blockchains, and that's why the number of confirmations shown on the Active Balance Operations page may differ from that of other blockchain explorers.

  • Always double-check that you are sending the cryptocurrency transaction to the address intended to process this cryptocurrency. We will most likely not be able to deposit or reimburse transactions sent to the wrong address.