The current trading fees are published on the Contract Specification page.

The fee rates at Xena Exchange depend on the monthly trading volumes; the more you trade, the lower the fees (or the larger the rebates) you have. 

A taker is a trader who removes liquidity from the market by submitting market or stop orders. The taker fees are higher than those for makers. 

A maker is a trader who adds liquidity to the order book by placing limit orders that are not executed immediately. If another trader hits your limit order in the order book, the resulting trade will be a maker's trade for you, and you will have a lower fee.

If you send a limit order that executes partially upon hitting the book and then rests in the book, its first part will be treated as a taker order and the remaining part as a maker order.

Contract trading

Makers who trade contracts get rebates. Rebates are collected during the day and are deposited to your account at midnight (UTC).

Rebates are given in your margin account currency (e.g., BTC). After your rebates are settled to your account, you can use them without any limitations (i.e., use them for trading or withdraw them).

During the day, you can check your due rebates on the Balance page:

Your rebate history is located on the Balance operations history page:

Market maker incentives

The current market maker incentive details are published on the Contract Specification page. 

Fee payments

Fees are paid immediately once your order is filled. You can always see the exact amounts you’ve paid in fees in your Trade History in the Terminal or Account (check the "Comm." column).

*Note: Maker's rebates are not shown in the Trade History.