Client Agreement

This document outlines all the documents comprising the Xena Exchange Client Agreement.

Users of the Platform or/and Clients must agree to a different set of rules depending on which products offered by Xena Exchange the Users or/and the Clients are using.

  1. Website visitors of the Xena Exchange Website:

    1. Privacy Policy

    2. Cookie Policy

  2. A person registering on the Platform (i.e., becoming a Client):

    1. All documents described in bullet 1;

    2. The Terms of Use;

    3. The Rules of Operations — covers registration; the account-opening procedure; deposits, withdrawals, and internal transfers; communication and Client Agreement amendment procedures; and the procedure of complaints;

    4. The Rules of Xena Contracts Trading — covers sending orders, executing trades, and tracking risks and positions when trading Xena Listed Perpetuals;

    5. The Risk Warning.

Xena Contracts

Contract Specifications

  1. XBTUSD Listed Perpetual

  2. ETHUSD Listed Perpetual

  3. XBTUSD Quarterly Futures

Index Specifications

  1. .BTC3_TWAP

  2. .XBTUSD_Premium_IR_Corrected


  4. .ETHUSD_Premium_IR_Corrected

  5. .RiskAdjustment_IR