You can join the Xena Exchange affiliate program and share your links, draw in new clients, and earn commissions — it’s easy.

  1. Join the affiliate program by choosing the special tab in your account

  2. Generate an affiliate link and share with people 

  3. Draw in clients and earn up to 40% from their commissions

Make your campaign a success

  • Track and manage your campaign performance data in your account

  • Create new referral links at any time – the number of links you can create is unlimited, and the links remain valid for six months

  • Get access to banners and basic videos to advertise Xena Exchange

  • Get transparent rewards in BTC every day

Please note that Xena Exchange checks for duplicate and fake accounts and does not pay out referral bonuses to such accounts. Duplicate or shared finances will result in disqualification.

For further details, check the Affiliate program page. Join the affiliate program in your account.