Available APIs

Trading — WebSocket and REST

  • Send new orders, cancel and modify existing orders

  • Receive push notifications about status of orders, positions, balance changes, margin requirements (WS only)

  • Retrieve account status (balance, current orders and positions, margin requirements)

Market data — WebSocket and REST

  • Get information about available instruments, current state of the order book, last market trades, candles

  • Receive push notifications about order book changes, last market trades, candles (WS only)

Transfers API

  • Get information about balances of your accounts, deposits and withdrawals

  • Initiate withdrawals

dAccs API

Websocket and REST API offer the same functionality and are based on messages and workflows of the FIX protocol (FIX5.0SP2). All messages are serialized in JSON.

Client libraries

We offer free client libraries for Python 3, .netcore (C#) and Golang. They as well as code samples are available in our Github repository.

Python lib:    GitHub / PyPI

C# lib:     GitHub C# / NuGet