Demo environment is located here:

This is a completely dedicated environment that allows both testing integration and paper trading. To use the demo account, sign up, verify your email and log in to your account (your credentials are not shared across demo and production environments). New accounts are deposited with 100 BTC, you can add or remove funds on the Accounts page.

The demo environment is fully operational (including Trading and Market Data APIs), except for these limitations:

  • There is no connection to any blockchains (neither main nor testnet), so there is only a limited possibility of testing the Transfers API
  • The performance and throughput of the environment is by far worse than of the production environment
  • The persistence of data (accounts and trades) is not guaranteed. We may delete accounts not used for the long time and old orders and trades records

The liquidity of the demo environment reflects the production environment (a special service posts the current snapshot of order books from production once a second).