1. Open an account via Copper.com 

Choose your time zone and book a call with the Copper team

2. Open an account via Xena Exchange

— Open the link https://trading.xena.exchange/en/registration and follow the instructions

— Verify (KYC) on Xena Exchange (https://trading.xena.exchange/en/account/verification).  In case verification takes place on a legal entity, you need to either contact a representative of Xena Exchange or contact support@xena.exchange to clarify the list of required documents.

Linking Xena Exchange account to ClearLoop 

The main principle of Copper is that the client's funds do not leave the account opened with Copper. In order to trade on the exchange, the client delegates a part of his funds to the exchange account linked to Copper, while the funds are “frozen”, but do not leave the client's account. Xena Exchange does not have access to the client’s funds stored via Copper.

1. Create an API key in your personal account on Xena Exchange  (https://trading.xena.exchange/en/account/api-keys ) with read-only permissions. This API  key will be used to link an exchange account to Copper:

Do not close the confirmation window after creating the key, as you will need this API key-related data on the next steps.

2. In your personal account on the Copper website, create a new trading account and fund it:

3. Add a ClearLoop account to the account that you have just created 

4. In the pop-up window select the Xena Exchange and copy the API Key and API Secret from the 1st step:

5. Delegate your funds to a Xena Exchange account


The delegated funds are “frozen” in the customer's account and are used as collateral for their positions on Xena Exchange.

Funds can be withdrawn through the “Unlock funds” function. If there are open positions in the client's account during the withdrawal, there might be a decrease in the collateral amount. This may lead to further liquidation and loss of these funds.